Kellie loves music and worship! Music brings joy to people’s life and worship brings purpose. I want my songs to encourage and bring the answers and the solutions to people’s problems. My music at its core is uplifting, inspiring, affirmative, and universal in its appeal and intention – that is the music of Kellie Wenzel. THANK YOU for stopping by my page! It’s not often you get the chance to do something you truly love in life and I am so blessed to finally have this opportunity to live my calling and so I THANK YOU from the bottom of my ♥!

Kellie has taken the gift that God gave her and started singing for Him and leading His people into His presence through worship at an early age.

Kellie loves all kinds of music and loves writing songs at her piano, and she had a real desire to write one for her hubby, and so she did. With the help of her recording buddy, Mike Burns, she put together a really cool “Love Song” that is nothing what you would expect, is super honest and almost has a R&B / Trance sound.

She currently helps with leading worship at Atascadero Bible Church, their home church, and she helps at other churches in the area leading worship as well. She travels extensively all over the world singing at different events. Even at events where over 20,000 people came in Uganda. She also travels with Janet Ables, Refining Faith Ministries, an author and speaker of multiple published books, doing conferences to empower women at Christian camps.


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